Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Starstruck Designs is back!

This year I will be celebrating 8 years of Starstruck Designs. Eight years of making fabulous sparkly things!

Since 2005 things have been forced to slow down a bit, initially due to the birth of my beautiful daughter, then because my time was eaten up with the opening of the bridal shop Aliya Rose, and most recently with the birth of my gorgeous son. In fact he is currently sleeping in my arms and I am typing this 1 handed!

However its time to get things up and running again. Although i've still been making client pieces, there are so many other things that I want to do. It will be a slow start, afterall, typing with 1 hand is one thing, but making a tiara requires both! So watch this space for updates of my progress, sneaky peeks of new designs, and possibly details of some rather exciting extras!

In the absence of any new pieces to photograph, i'll leave you with a couple of snaps of my beautiful babies:


  1. Welcome back! Emjoy creating again x

  2. Thank you Poppy! Am really excited about picking things up again.


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