Monday, 19 April 2010

Crystal Bouquets Updated

I've been working on the website today. Couldn't really do much more as Austin decided he wanted to spend as much time as possible in my arms, and protested rather loudly if he found himself anywhere else! So it was down to some 1-handed web design, wow that takes some time!

I had a couple of new bouquet designs that needed to be uploaded, as well as the Mini Lotus design in a different colourway, and a buttonhole and corsage to match the Posy Bouquet. You can view these designs in all their glory here: Crystal Bouquets

Of course, as with all of my work, these are created with gorgeous Swarovski crystals, the Mini Lotus also uses cream Swarovski Pearls. I think these bouquets are fab for bridesmaids, and can consist of any combination of Swarovski colours. You can also see it in teal shades on my website.

I do have a couple of other pieces that I really want to upload to my Etsy shop, but I can hear the baby boy waking up again so that might have to wait until tomorrow...

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