Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Etsy and/or Folksy?

I've had an Etsy shop for a while now, but it's only ever had 1 item in it - needless to say I didn't make much! So this week I decided to add some more of my work. However every time I worked out the £ to $ conversion my irritation mounted. And so started my quest for an Etsy equivalent that allowed me to price things in sterling. That's when I discovered Folksy.

Folksy seems a lot smaller than Etsy, so less competition I guess, but less consumers too. And it costs more than Etsy, ok, not a great deal more, but every penny counts at this stage! Nevertheless, I've opened a shop and am gradually listing bits and pieces. It will be interesting to see which shop gets more views, and more importantly, which shop makes the most sales!

So I'm interested to hear any thoughts on the matter - which one do you prefer? Etsy or Folksy?

Before I go I'll apologise for the lack of any photos. I'm blogging from bed, on my iPod touch, whilst feeding the baby. I am woman hear me ROAR...!

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