Thursday, 15 April 2010

Ooh, new goodies.

Having decided to make a start on some new ideas I was very disappointed to find that i'd run out of the silver chain that I needed for a necklace design. Of course I didn't realise I was out until half way through making the piece, which was incredibly frustrating! I immediately placed an online order for some more chain, and of course a few new pretty things "fell" into my basket just before checkout.

I have no idea what i'll do with them yet, but its lovely to have new things to daydream about!

Whilst frantically searching my office for silver chain, I reached the conclusion that it really needs a sort out. Well, actually it needs unpacking - almost everything is still in boxes since our move in October last year. The problem being that the boxes have all been opened and rooted through when i've been looking for one thing or another and now everything is a mess, and nothing is in the box that it was originally in so the box labels are pointless. Definately a job for the "to do" list.....

1 comment:

  1. Ha! My spare room looks very much like that :) Post move chaos!


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