Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Can you see me?

I am currently trying to add this blog to my website. Wow, that's causing a real headache, believe me! DNS, CNAME, FTP, domains, sub-domains and directories... a foreign language? It certainly seems it to me!

I've found so many different articles online telling me how to do it, but none of them seem very clear. I am so confused! I think that i've done all the things i'm supposed to have done. The blog should now be viewable at Except that when I try and view it, I get an error page.

Of course, there's no point me posting here and asking for help, because until I get it sorted, no-one can actually read this....

So if you are reading then I guess i've cracked it and no longer need assistance.

Pat on the back and glasses of bubbly all round!

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