Thursday, 18 November 2010

That whole vintage asymmetric thing...

Over the last few years i've seen new trends start, and take a good strong hold within the bridal industry. Particularly the vintage, and "vintage inspired" look. Glittering diamante, sumptious pearls, and good strong nods towards the early part of the last century are found at weddings all over the place right now. At the forefront of this, has to be the amazing Kirstie, from Flo and Percy

Flo and Percy Flo and Percy Flo and Percy

The asymmetric look has been desireable for many years, and works fantastically well with the vintage trend. So....what do you get when a self-confessed magpie decides to combine both of these aspects? You get a 20 piece asymmetric headband collection, that's what! And the three photos below are just a taster of what you will find in our new collection of bridal side tiaras:

Side Tiara by Starstruck Designs Side Tiara by Starstruck Designs Side Tiara by Starstruck Designs

Oh.My.God. How excited am I to finally be able to say that!? Some of the componants that have been used in this collection have been in my possesion for quite literally AGES! I have been so keen to put together this collection, and now finally I have the time to do so.

As much as I loved owning a bridal shop, I can't help but be so grateful now to have the time to design new collections. I've been working on this one for a while and am so, SO excited to finally be able to open the stage curtains and reveal it in all its glory!

And is the vintage trend around to stay? Who knows? But I think its certainly going to be a favourite with brides for a while yet!

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