Thursday, 29 July 2010

How confused and diffused am I?

Ok. So I use a forum - in fact I frequently post on 2 boards on that forum. And I have a personal account on Facebook, as well as a business page. And I use Twitter And of course I have this blog.

How on EARTH am I supposed to keep up with all of them? I already Tweet my FaceBook Page updates, can I tweet my blog updates automatically as well? And is it totally awful to duplicate my blog writing on my Facebook page? I feel like I am spreading myself so thinly, any yet I know of so many others who seems to effortlessly manage to do all this and more.

In between looking after the 2 babies, doing the washing, cooking the dinner, making orders, answering emails, updating the website, ordering supplies and fending off business-2-business callers, I really am trying to keep up with all this Social Media.

And I think I am supposed to talk to my husband at some point...

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