Thursday, 25 November 2010

Working hard.....whilst the baby is ill.

Or not working hard.

Or perhaps working even harder than normal, but being a lot less productive whilst the baby is ill...?

As a little reminder, to those of you who aren't familiar with my utterly gorgeous little boy - here he is. A series of photos during and after a feed. Sometimes I manage to do these with 1 hand, and you might just be able to spot the cables of my laptop at the edge of a photo!

He's been really poorly this week. In fact on Monday we had to rush him to the hospital with a temperature of over 40C. But the antibiotics started to work very quickly, and here he is on Wednesday, along with what we "lovingly" refer to as his Kitchen Carnage:

So this week has been really difficult. I've managed to make all the client orders that were due, including a necklace and bracelet set that I love so much i'm having to make one for myself! And some hairpins, earrings, and a side tiara. But mostly this week i've been blogging, because that is relatively easy to do with 1 hand!

So i'm SO sorry to all of you that are expecting some wonderful, sparkly post from me. But this week has been about my family. The essential part of work has been covered, but the "mum" part of me has really been called upon over the last 7 days. In so many ways. And you know what..? sometimes I think its really important to remember why we do this. Who we do it for. I LOVE my job, but gosh my babies are gorgeous.....

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