Sunday, 9 May 2010

So its Sunday again....

...and that means the end of week 2 of my "Project a Day". So how did I fare this week? Not so good to be honest. We've both been ill, although thank goodness the children seem to have both escaped it. Then over the last 2 days Austin has been incredibly funny with his feeds, yesterday he fed more than normal, wanting both sides at each feed and getting very cross if he didn't get it quick enough! Then today he seems to have been really off is food, and even when offered to him he's refused with quite a tantrum. To be honest i'm exhausted by it all!

I have managed to make something almost every day, there is just 1 item on todays blog that I didn't make this week, but its the right colour so i've included it. I have missed yesterday's though. I'm afraid that there is no pink item for this week and I am just too tired to make one now. I promise to make 2 pink items next week though!

So what have I come up with this week? Piccies below - each of them linking to that item in my Folksy shop:

Red and blue crystal heart earrings Swarovski Filigree bracelet
Peridot leaf and flower pendant Swarovski Crystal Flower Comb in Blues
Swarovski Amethyst and Blue Zircon Crystal Bangle Ivory pearl and crystal flower hairpins

On the upside though, it turns out that Aliya can pronounce "Swarovski" far better than a lot of tiara designers that i've met, and she can also pick out clear AB from clear crystals. She knows that AB stands for Aurora Borealis, and she can pronounce it too...not bad for a 4 year old! I'll make a magpie out of her yet!

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