Friday, 7 May 2010

In Lieu of actually making anything

I'm going to blog instead.

I should be making something. But i'm tired, too tired to even shift my lazy bum off the sofa and go and get any materials. No materials, means no creating. But my laptop is close at hand and it takes very little energy to click away on the keys, so i'll compensate for my lack of creativity by writing here instead.

I had planned to put together a gallery of images of all the pieces i've made this week and publish it on Sunday, but i've come up with a little pendant design that I love. Not only do I love it, but it seems to have won the hearts of a few others as well. It has been "favourited" 4 times on Folksy, and independantly blogged about twice!

Swarovski peridot leaf and flower pendant Swarovski peridot leaf and flower pendant

I've had the Swarovski peridot leaf pendants for so long. I'd always planned to use them in a crystal bouquet, but never got around to it. To be honest i'm not sure how commercial it would be anyway, I think a bridal bouquet would be more likely to sell if the leaves were in clear crystal. But I love the combination of bold sparkle, with the soft glow of the Mother of Pearl carved flower in this design. I just wish the leaves came in lots of colours, but sadly the shades are rather few and far between.

This was Wednesdays offering...i'll blog about the rest of the week's projects on Sunday.


  1. Thay are beautiful - I need some pretty jewellery and somewhere to wear it!

  2. Thank you very much both of you! I know what you mean KT - I bought some fabby new shoes this week but have nowhere to wear them!


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