Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Happy Anniversary!

So last week was my Wedding Anniversary! The 6th of April marked the day that my gorgeous husband and I had been married for 9 years. I still can't believe its been that long - 9 years!?! Where the heck does time go? For some reason, this year I really did spend a lot of time thinking back to our wedding day, remembering every aspect of it: getting ready in the morning, the drive in the car with my Dad (He was so nervous the driver had to do his tie up!), arriving at Boringdon Hall and the feeling of being in a dream as I got out of the car! The build up of excitement and nerves as I stood outside the room we were to get married in, and could hear the start of MY entrance music (Stevie Wonder's "Isn't She Lovely" - lol!)

Then I walked into the room and developed the weirdest tunnel vision. I'd planned to smile graciously at all our guests as I glided down the aisle, and instead, all I could see, all I could focus on was my Husband To Be. It was almost like someone had blurred everything either side of me and there was only him. I think I almost ran down that aisle. To the man that I loved, that I wanted to marry, that I was about to MARRY!!!

It really was the most wonderful day - the weather was gorgeous, really sunny and not a cloud in the sky, although it was really windy, but that just meant some fab photos of me veil streaming out behind me! I've always loved this photo, which was taken by my Sister in Law - it always makes me think of a perfume advert:

It was so lovely to spend a whole day with our friends and family, celebrating our marriage. So much hard work goes into planning a wedding, but I can promise you it is absolutely worth it on the day to see it all come together. Having said that, I must admit that there were several things that went wrong on the day which should have been a disaster, but just weren't! I really couldn't care less that the music in the ceremony was a bit messed up, that the venue forgot to play our chosen CD's during the wedding breakfast, or that the DJ turned out to be a cheese-tastic School Disco kinda chappie who offended my mum almost to the point of tears (!!!). None of it mattered. I was married!! Nothing else seemed very important any more!

And here we are, 9 years later. Lots of wonderful times behind us, and a fair few tough ones as well. With our 2 beautiful children who we both adore, and who drive us up the wall at times!

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