Monday, 25 April 2011

Accessorising High Street Dresses - Monsoon

Or, as I like to think of it: Blinging up your Bargains!

As more and more high street shops are adding bridal collections to their repertoire, I thought it might be an idea to look at how to accessorise them. So i've spent some time (far too much time actually!) researching, and over the coming weeks will bring you what I consider to be four of the best high street bridal dresses along with some suggestions of jewellery and hair accessories to complement.

The first shop that sprang to mind was Monsoon ( I love Monsoon dresses, and have owned a few myself over the years. This is my favourite from their current bridal collection: The Valley Mesh Dress, priced at £225.

I love the vintage feel that this dress has, and the detailing on the shoulders is just gorgeous. Team it with a side headband that has an equally vintage feel to it, such as "Selene" from our Goddess collection, and a pair of bridal earrings that combine sumptious pearls and crystals for a softly sparkling effect.

I haven't included a necklace as i'm not really sure the dress needs one, there is already so much detail around the neckline. However if pushed, I would suggest going with either a pendant or a Y shaped necklace, something that will drop beautifully into that deep V-neckline. The Vintage Glamour bridal necklace below is a good example:

I spent a long time researching shoes for this dress, and actually couldn't find what I was looking for.  I wanted something with heavy pearl and diamante beading to echo that shoulder detail, but nothing seemed quite right.  So in the end i've gone with these gorgeous peep toes, called "Crush" from Pink by Paradox.

Feel free to leave us a comment below, and follow our blog to receive notification of our next post, which will be looking at accessories suitable for another high street wedding dress!

High street wedding dress:  Monsoon (

Bridal Shoes:  Pink by Paradox (

Bridal Jewellery and Headband:  Starstruck Designs (


  1. thanks so much for posting this information. I actually just bought that dress for my wedding next year. Your advice and choices are fantastic.

  2. Thank you so much for your comment AquaMar, it means so much to hear from someone who has enjoyed my thoughts on the subject! It is such a beautiful dress, and i've been a Monsoon fan for several years! If I can help at all with accessories, please do get in touch!
    K xx

  3. Funny, Ive bought this dress for my wedding have have almost identical accessories minus the necklace. I chose not to have one as you quite rightly said 'already so much detail around the neckline'. The shoes I have chosen are much more detailed than yours still in a vintage style, T-bar with diamantes. For bouquet I chose an vintage English garden style with soft colour even though we are getting married in the Caribbean.

    You have great taste :)

  4. Thank you Emmaloula - sounds like you have great taste too! Hope that you have a fabulous time in the Carribean, and if you fancy any of your photos being featured on my blog afterwards then feel free to email some to me!


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