Saturday, 8 September 2012

Determining ring sizes. And unsolicited emails!

I must get over a dozen unsolicited business to business emails or phonecalls every day.  Some from far flung shores offering to sell me cheap knock off products, some offering me website design or SEO services, some asking to buy advertising space on my websites and plenty from magazines, blogs, online directories and exhibition organisers trying to get me to buy advertising with them.  To be honest, its got to the point where I rarely even bother to read the email or listen to the message, I read or hear who its from and instantly hit delete.

But this evening an email landed in my inbox from a sender who's name I vaguely recognised.  They had sent me an unsolicited email not long ago which I had read and deleted along with all the others that had poured in that day.  For some reason, this second email caught my eye, and the first paragraph made me smile and raise my eyebrows in confusion all at once.  The style was quite unlike the normal emails I get, and so I carried on reading.  In fact, I even opened the attachment! (Don't tell my husband - i'll get a severe telling off for opening something from an unknown sender!).

Inside I found this:

Well, it made me laugh.  It might be a bit of fun, but hey - we could all do with a little of that now and again.  And you never know, it might be useful to someone who is trying to work out what size of ring to buy.  I wore my engagement ring on a chain around my neck for for a few days after we got engaged as it was so huge it didn't fit any of my fingers!

In their email, Simply Bridal mention that I can sign up to receive their infographics automatically as soon as they are released.  I think I might - I quite like this one, and am now wondering what I missed when I deleted their first email.

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