Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Waiting for the weekend!

This Saturday Starstruck Designs will be involved in its first ever professional commercial photoshoot.  Nervous?  Me?  I was thinking a photo of an ostrich with its head in the sand would be appropriate, or maybe a photo of a headless chicken.  This one covered all bases.

The incredible venue is Stoke Hall, and I feel utterly privileged to have a fantastic team on board.  Two gorgeous models, Nikki and Jess, hairstylist Karen Kemp, make-up artist Helen Mitchell and as luck would have it, the Lincoln based photographer, Richard King, will be accompanied by his Wedding Planner wife, Elizabeth.  With such a wealth of experience between us, what could possibly go wrong!?!

There are plenty of new tiara and headband designs to be unveiled, as well as some gorgeous jewellery, both old and new.  Watch this space for pics from the shoot, and I can't wait to blog about the experience - once I have recovered!!

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