Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Teal and Fuchsia Colour Scheme

I'm often asked to make pieces for brides (usually for their bridesmaids!) in wonderful colours. There are some that get asked for over and over again, and others that are really unusual combinations, but that look absolutely amazing when they are put together with the right shades. However, if there is one thing i've learnt over the years, its that most of the time, its very difficult for brides to visualise how something is going to look, without actually seeing a "draft" first.

So I thought it might be useful to put together some inspiration boards for various colour schemes, just to give an overall idea of how some colours look together. Hopefully I can make this a regular feature of the blog, and to kickstart things, i'm starting with teal and fuchsia. Teal is often a very difficult colour to match, and I often find myself suggesting that brides work with various tones, rather than spending much sweat, blood and tears finding an exact match. Here you can see how several shades of teals and pinks work really well together.

Tiffany Blue Favours Teal and Fuchsia tie by Austin Reed Teal and Fuchsia Crystal Bouquet by Starstruck Designs
Dessy dress Fuchsia bouquet with teal ribbon Teal and fuchsia table plan
Teal earrings by Starstruck Designs Teal and pink cake Dessy Dress

If you click on any of the images above you will be taken to the website of the company that offers the product shown. The crystal bouquet and teal bridal earrings are both available in other colours as well, so do get in touch if you like the style!

So with any luck you'll find this is a regular feature of my blog - and if you have a particular colour scheme that you would like to see featured, please leave us a comment below and we'll hopefully fit you in!


  1. i like turqouise and orange :") im hoping for fuschia and orange but i dont have much inspiration

  2. Ooh, both colour schemes sound lovely! I'll have a scout around and see what ideas I can come up with, and dedicate a fuschia and orange inspiration post to you! x


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